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OS Recovery & Upgrades

Ready to update to the latest version of Windows or MacOS? Unsure of whether or not your system can support the latest software? Convert your license and update your PC to the latest OS while preserving your applications and data. Avoid the headache and leave it to us.

Hardware Diagnostics

If you are experiencing unexpected shut-down's or other signs of potential hardware failure we can diagnose the issue and get it resolved fast. Get support for everything under the hood from power supplies, CPU's, GPU's, storage devices, and everything in between.

Virus & Malware Removal

If you're getting error messages on your computer, your web browsers homepage has changed unexpectedly, you get pop-ups, unexpected webcam access, or any other strange behavior reach out today for a full evaluation of your system.

Web Services

Devlopment | Design | Hosting | Marketing

Web Hosting

Using cloud computing and virtual machines you can have a fast, reliable website deployed quickly and affordably. Want to design it yourself? No problem. Let us know what platform you prefer or call to discuss your best options.

Web Design

If you're not the hands-on type when it comes to design, we've got you covered. Get a modern, responsive website built from start to finish in 1-2 weeks (most cases). Provide as much or as little content as you can and we'll do all the heavy lifting.

SSL Web Encryption

It may not be a sexy component, but strong encryption is critical for any website. If you want users to visit your site from search engines such as google, or in browsers such as chrome - you're going to need this. Contact us to secure your website today.

Need Help With Something Else?

Video surveillance Installation

Get set up with a Ring or Nest security system professionally installed and confirgured.

Mobile Device Repair

Cracked screen, broken earpiece, or damaged charge port? It might be worth fixing rather than upgrading.

Logo Creation

Need a new logo that doesn't break the bank? We'll send you some mock-ups.

What clients Have To say


Tyler was great. Professional and very knowledgeable !!! He was able to come to the house, and had a solution for our computer issues within the first hour of contacting him. I would recommend Tyler to everyone.

Judy Davis
Oct 17, 2019

Winning efforts by Tyler and Homeguide, I would recommend this to anyone. this has been one my best decisions this year. Superior service . Tyler really knows computers. One of the best decisions I've made to solve a real bad problem. I can recommend Tyler to anyone.

Paul Littlefield
Mon Jul 29 2019

Tyler was very helpful in updating and training me on my new, <older computer>. I am not familiar with computer work and he was able to explain the information in a way that I could understand. I am very appreciative of his service.

Rich Rampton
Apr 4, 2019

Tyler has helped us on several projects critical to our business and has been the ultimate tech support guru, expertly assessing the problems, recommending multiple solutions, offered cost-benefit comparisons, allowed us time to consider, then executed our requests quickly and systematically. His solutions provided the desired results at very competitive pricing. Just today he was able to clean my MacBook of a pesky virus software, admitting that although he had not performed that type of operation before, he guaranteed this work, took the time to learn the procedures, came in way under time and dollar budget and I'm a very happy camper. Tyler will be our computer, application, systems and web expert from now on. Thanks, Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan
Mar 27, 2019

Fast, exceptional service at a reasonable price! Highly recommend Tyler.

Sherma Hemingway
Mar 20, 2019

Tyler quick speed in diagnosing the problem and then fixing was truly note worthy. Talented and efficient people are always a pleasure. Thank you Tyler

Keller Williams Brentwood TN BKT Nashville Franklin
May 25, 2018

Tyler was so personable he made it so easy and comfortable to work with him. He followed up after the job was done! I will definitely have him do anything else in the future.

Teresa/Kent D.
Dec 17, 2018
Tyler did a great job for me. Prompt, way knowledgeable, affordable…and even fixed/cleaned up a few other things - for way cheaper than the other “big-boy operations” quoted me.
Karl Winsness
Nov 3, 2018

Tyler was great. He did the job he said he would do. He did it for the amount that he quoted me even though there was other issues that required him to spend alot more time than was thought. I felt that he went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. I would highly recommend Tyler.

Karl Weber
May 24, 2018

Tyler is an attentive and knowledgeable computer technician that made me feel comfortable to ask my questions and admit my ignorance about some pretty basic things. He followed up and added extra value by making himself easily accessible for any needs I had after the initial appointment, even fixing my computer from his location.

Nancy K.
Feb 26, 2018

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